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What are muscle knots? An exercise physiologist explains what those tight little lumps are and how to get rid of them

Imagine you’ve just completed a tough upper-body workout. Your muscles feel a bit tired, but.

Extending the shelf life of vaccines

Nearly half of all vaccines go to waste. This is due to the logistical obstacles.

Microscopic blood vessel disease in the brain’s white matter associated with worse cognition in Alzheimer’s

Disease of the microscopic blood vessels that feed the white matter of our brain is.

In a world full of 3D models, researchers build a new one for leukemia

A Wilmot Cancer Institute scientist published data that show a new microchip-like device that his.

Premature menopause is associated with increased risk of heart problems

Menopause before 40 years of age is associated with elevated risks of heart failure and.

Social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of death from heart attack, stroke

Social isolation and loneliness are associated with about a 30% increased risk of heart attack.

SuPAR identifies patients at high risk of blood clot formation

Blood clots are thought to occur in as many as a third of patients hospitalized.

Rapid, at-home prototype saliva test that’s as good as RT-PCR

At-home COVID-19 tests have become an easy way to self-diagnose. But current tests have drawbacks,.

Novel drug shows promising efficacy for patients with multiple myeloma

Results of an international clinical trial co-led by researchers at Winship Cancer Institute at Emory.

Ditching the toothbrush for whiter teeth, fewer cavities

The first thing people notice when they meet you is your smile. To be more.