Author: Dr Lekha

A soybean protein blocks LDL cholesterol production, reducing risks of metabolic diseases

A protein in soybeans blocks the production of a liver enzyme involved in the metabolism.

Head injury is associated with doubled mortality rate long-term

Adults who suffered any head injury during a 30-year study period had two times the.

Role of lymphatic system in bone healing revealed

It was previously assumed that bones lacked lymphatic vessels, but new research from the MRC.

An unexpected approach to treating bronchial asthma: Modify dietary fats

Bronchial asthma, a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that is reversible in certain cases,.

Spinal cord injury: Can brain and nerve stimulation restore movement?

In 1999, when Jason Carmel, MD, Ph.D., was a second-year medical student at Columbia, his.

Point-Of-Care Biosensor to Detect Oral Cancer

Researchers at the University of Florida have created a point-of-care biosensor that can rapidly detect.

Regenerative drug restores bone in preclinical study

Bone loss is a part of aging that compromises quality of life and movement in.

Genetic diagnosis helps guide care of childhood hearing loss

Advances in understanding the many different genetic causes of childhood-onset hearing loss indicate that genomic.

Tiny beetle causes ‘Christmas Eye’ agony in Australia

A rare and agonizing affliction dubbed “Christmas Eye”, caused by the toxic secretions of a.

Chemotherapy before surgery cuts risk of colon cancer returning, trial finds

Giving colon cancer patients chemotherapy before surgery cuts their risk of the disease coming back,.