Author: Shilendra P

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If you were to open your medicine cabinet right now, there’s a fair chance that.

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A new study hints that treating low vitamin D levels with supplements might have a.

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Acute mental health care units remain in the shadows, neither fully integrated into general hospitals.

Androstenedione: A banned bodybuilding supplement you should avoid

Androstenedione is one of those supplements that was peddled to athletes for years as a.

More accurate biomarkers needed to ensure melanomas are spotted

New biomarkers to improve skin cancer detection and avoid delays in treatment are being developed.

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections put significant burden on US women

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (uUTIs) pose a substantial burden on U.S. women, according to a.

Children with tics can be helped by new online treatment

New research from the University of Nottingham demonstrates that online behavior therapy for children with.

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Fiber-rich food is important for gastrointestinal health, but most Americans don’t get enough in their.

Better cancer treatment inspired by the foam on your latte

Inspired by the foam on top of lattes, as well as gummy bears and Pop.

New study affirms link between sickle cell disease and risk of increased mortality in pregnant people

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have further documented an association between a substantially higher risk of.