Author: Shilendra P

Ultra-processed foods may be linked to increased risk of cancer

Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods may be linked to an increased risk of developing and.

One in four people with diabetes worldwide have osteoporosis

More than one-quarter of people with diabetes have osteoporosis (OP), according to a review published.

The significant impact of ED drugs on men’s cardiac health

A comprehensive research study manuscript examining the impact of erectile dysfunction drugs on major adverse.

Migraine associated with increased risk for pregnancy complications

Women are disproportionately affected by migraine, especially during their reproductive years. However, the relationship between.

Calcium channels regulate neuroinflammation and neuropathic pain

Northwestern Medicine investigators have discovered that specific calcium channels help regulate sex differences in the.

Study reframes understanding of graft-versus-host disease

New research challenges the prevailing hypothesis for how donor stems cell grafts cause graft-versus-host disease,.

First new antibiotic treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infections in more than 20 years

Neil Osheroff, John Coniglio Chair in Biochemistry and professor of biochemistry and medicine, is part.

Researchers achieve gene therapy milestone for potential Cockayne syndrome treatment

Researchers working with UMass Chan Medical School’s Translational Institute for Molecular Therapeutics announced progress in.

Another promising step toward non-hormonal male contraceptive

Despite birth control existing for decades, almost none of the options specifically target sperm cells..

New study debunks the assumption that menstrual cycles disqualify women from exercise research

Peruse any women’s magazine, and you’ll likely find advice on how to boost workouts. But.