Why lung cancer doesn’t respond well to immunotherapy

Immunotherapy—a drug treatment that stimulates the immune system to attack tumors—works well against some types.

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Certain 510(k) medical devices characteristics are associated with recalls

Most medical devices developed in the U.S. reach the market through the 510(k) pathway, in.

A therapy found to improve cognitive function in patients with Down syndrome

An Inserm team at the Lille Neuroscience & Cognition laboratory (Inserm/Université de Lille, Lille University.

How the brain interprets motion while in motion

In a new paper published in the journal eLife, researchers at the University of Rochester, including.

New biomarker predicts severity of cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction

Poor functional outcomes after a heart attack can be predicted with a new PET imaging.

Spinal anesthesia linked to higher painkiller use in hip fracture patients

For some surgeries, spinal anesthesia has been increasingly used instead of general anesthesia as a.

Study indicates high prevalence of recently defined non-Alzheimer’s dementia

Researchers from the University of Kentucky’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging say a paper recently published.

AI can be used to identify benign thyroid nodules and reduce unnecessary biopsies

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to identify thyroid nodules seen on thyroid ultrasound that.

Antibiotic-free hydrogen peroxide e-bandages treat wound infections

According to new research by investigators at the Mayo Clinic and Washington State University, e-bandages.