Investigative reporter, who covered murder-suicides, explains how journalists are vulnerable to trauma

It never really dawned on me how vulnerable journalists were to trauma until I took.

Climate change trauma has real impacts on cognition and the brain, wildfire survivors study shows

Psychological trauma from extreme weather and climate events, such as wildfires, can have long-term impacts.

New noninvasive optical imaging approach for monitoring brain health in traumatic brain injury patients

Prof. Mohammed N. Islam leads a team of researchers who have developed a new cost-effective,.

Immune system irregularities found in women with postpartum mood disorders

Women with prolonged mental health problems up to three years after childbirth may be suffering.

Prevalence of ‘meth’ heart failure now seen in a wide range of socioeconomic and racial groups

Rates of heart failure associated with the growing illicit use of the stimulant drug methamphetamine,.

Researchers create novel device to measure nerve activity for treatment of sepsis and PTSD

A multi-campus research team has developed a novel device for non-invasively measuring cervical nerve activity.

Wearable Tracks Mental States

Researchers at New York University have created a wearable system that can measure electrodermal activity,.