Hot weather associated with increased stroke risk in older people

Emergency visits for stroke are elevated after a heatwave, according to research presented today at.

A self-powered ingestible sensor opens new avenues for gut research

Engineering researchers have developed a battery-free, pill-shaped ingestible sensor system designed to provide continuous monitoring.

Warmer brain-irrigation fluid in surgery more efficacious, could halve the number of repeat operations

A simple method can halve the number of repeat operations to remedy bleeding under the.

Physicians urged to consider fungal infections as possible cause for lung inflammation

Infectious diseases expert George Thompson has been studying and treating fungal infections for over two.

Brain changes in autism are far more sweeping than previously known, study finds

Brain changes in autism are comprehensive throughout the cerebral cortex rather than just particular areas.

Study finds unexpected protective properties of pain

Pain has been long recognized as one of evolution’s most reliable tools to detect the.

Lassa virus endemic area may expand dramatically in coming decades

In the study, which appeared on September 27 in Nature Communications, scientists analyzed decades of environmental.

Link found between pain sensitivity and circadian rhythm

A team of researchers with members from Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Hospices Civils de Lyon.