Tips for weight loss during holiday season

If you’re trying to lose weight the holidays can be a stressful time. Fortunately, with a little bit of planning and some help from the family practice doctors here a Matthews Internal Medicine, you can get through the season without derailing your weight loss goals.

Here are some of our tips for making it through holiday dinners and travel without setting yourself back on your weight loss journey.

You Must Stay Active to lose weight:

The holidays can be a busy time, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip out on your normal exercise plans. Getting some physical activity in during the holidays is a great idea for a few reasons. First of all, if you drop an exercise plan for a bit it gets harder and harder to go back to it as time goes on. Dropping a habit is much easier than forming one. Secondly, if you do overindulge a bit some good workouts can help you make up for it.

Healthy Sleep is Important for Weight Loss

This season can be a stressful time, but try not to let it affect your sleep. Tired people can produce more hunger hormones and can end up snacking more often, even when they’re not really hungry. These extra calories can add up quickly and throw you off your weight management goals.

Deal With Stress in a Healthy Way

If you are stressed out, don’t let it make you overeat or drink too much. Instead, find your healthy way to let go of stress. Whether that’s taking the dog for a long walk, going to the gym, or hitting a yoga class, letting go of holiday stress in a healthy way can help you keep to your weight management goals.

Use Smaller Plates

You can still enjoy your favorite holiday dishes. Just eat smaller portions. Simply using a smaller plate is an easy way to do this and ensure that you’re not overeating. 

Don’t Get Distracted

The holiday season can be a busy time where it might seem like you have way too much to do. Still, we recommend that you take the time out to eat meals properly instead of eating while distracted. It’s very easy to eat more than you need to and ignore your body signaling that it’s full when you’re busy on the computer working or doing another distracting activity.

Remember Your Liquid Calories

Drinks contain calories too. Be wary of how much soda, alcohol, or juice that you consume with your holiday meals. Liquid calories are just as tough to work off as the ones from food are.

Focus on Fiber and Protein

Foods with fiber and protein are generally going to be healthier and more filling, so focus on adding those to your plate when it’s time for a holiday feast. You’ll feel fuller for longer, so you won’t be too tempted to snack later.

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