Warmer brain-irrigation fluid in surgery more efficacious, could halve the number of repeat operations

A simple method can halve the number of repeat operations to remedy bleeding under the.

Extending anti-clotting treatment after distal deep vein thrombosis could reduce further clot risk

Giving the anti-clotting drug rivaroxaban to patients for 12 weeks instead of the usual six.

Uganda extends lockdowns as Ebola spreads

Uganda on Saturday extended a three-week lockdown on two districts at the center of an.

New research discovers new role for blood clotting protein in triggering inflammation

Research by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Study reveals sharp rise in stroke cases among young adults in Oxfordshire

New research has shown a sharp increase in the incidence of stroke in young adults,.

US to begin screening travelers coming from Uganda for Ebola

The United States will begin screening travelers coming from Uganda for Ebola as an additional.

Prenatal steroid treatment may improve survival, reduce complications for extremely preterm infants

Steroid treatment before birth appears to improve survival and reduce complications among extremely preterm infants,.

Discovery could power up platelet production to battle blood shortages

A new discovery from the University of Virginia School of Medicine could let doctors ramp.

Medication abortion is common; here’s how it works

Medication abortions became the preferred method for ending pregnancy in the U.S. even before the.

Venom from deadliest snakes could stop uncontrolled bleeding

Some of the world’s deadliest snakes could soon be saving lives, with research from The.