From sharp butt pains to period poos: 5 lesser-known menstrual cycle symptoms

Period pain is a common symptom of the menstrual cycle, affecting about 70% of young women—but.

Blood group can predict risk of contracting viral disease

The risk of being infected by parvovirus is elevated in those people who have blood.

Sperm count is declining at accelerating rate worldwide: study

Sperm count among men worldwide is falling at an accelerated rate after halving over the.

We’re told to ‘eat a rainbow’ of fruit and vegetables: Here’s what each color does in our body

Nutritionists will tell you to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables. This isn’t just.

Developing a smartwatch to detect unwitnessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrests

The University of Twente and its partners are developing a smart wearable to automatically and.

Vitamins: It’s best to get them from food, not a bottle

Bottled vitamins might seem a convenient way to get all the important nutrients, but the.

South Asian people undergo type 2 diabetes remission with low calorie diets

People of South Asian ethnicity may be able to achieve type 2 diabetes remission by.

Researchers find breast cancer protein that could predict chemotherapy sensitivity

Researchers have identified a protein that, when present in high amounts in breast cancer tumors,.

Biomarker predicts resistance to immunotherapies in melanoma

Duke Cancer Institute researchers have identified potential biomarkers that predict the likelihood for checkpoint inhibitor.

Machine learning gives nuanced view of Alzheimer’s stages

A Cornell University-led collaboration has used machine learning to pinpoint the most accurate means and.