heart failure
Heart Cell Mechanism may Benefit Heart failure Treatments

One of the primary causes of heart failure has been linked to a biological mechanism.

muscle adaptation
Muscle Adaptation in Response to Endurance Training

Increasing endurance through exercise enhances both our overall fitness and muscle performance. Researchers at the.

COVID-19 vaccination
COVID-19 Vaccination Potent for Babies and Young Children

According to a multistate study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s VISION Network,.

The Impact of Respiratory Tract Microbiome on Pneumonia

A lung infection known as pneumonia is brought on by bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It.

Breast cancer
Breast Cancer due to Chemotherapy Injury to Non-Cancer Cells

According to a new study by Ramya Ganesan of Emory University in the US and.

indigestion relief
Indigestion Management: Turmeric, Omeprazole, and Comparative Effectiveness

According to the maiden study published in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, a natural component.

Blocking Proteins Might put an end to Colon Cancers

Researchers at VCU Massey Cancer Center have discovered a previously unidentified protein interaction that gives.

COVID-19 Triggers Auto-Immune Illnesses Related Antibodies

According to a study in the journal npj Aging, the production of auto-antibodies naturally rises.

Heart Tissue
Images of Heart Tissue are Made Quiet by a Virtual Medication

If you’ve ever attempted to photograph a puppy, the result was probably just a blur.

Maternal Morbidity
Heat Exposure Associated With Rise in Maternal Morbidity

Strong evidence from studies conducted by the University of California, Irvine, links maternal heat exposure.