overweight or obese people
High Levels of Weekly Physical Activity have been Associated with Lower Renal Disease Risk in Diabetes and Overweight or Obese People

High weekly levels of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical exercise are associated with a lower risk of.

Quality of Life and Sleep
Study Finds Encouraging Results in Improving the Quality of Life and Sleep in People with Memory Problems

A study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Penn Nursing), recently published in.

Up to three daily servings of kimchi may lower men's obesity risk
Up to Three Daily Servings of Kimchi may Lower Men’s Obesity Risk

¬†Eating up to three servings of the Korean traditional kimchi per day may reduce men’s.

cancer treatment
Cancer Treatment: Efficacy 2.5x with Defective Mitochondrial DNA

Scientists have uncovered an odd discovery that could aid in the identification of people who.

Fermented Foods Benefits Mental Health
Fermented Foods Benefits Mental Health

In a recent analysis published in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, Irish researchers investigated.

Cardiometabolic Health
Legume Intake for Older Adults – Cardiometabolic Health

In the recent Nutrients study, researchers looked examined the links between cardiometabolic risk (CMR) variables.

Precision in Migraine Prediction

Migraine is frequently underdiagnosed and mistreated, and even when it is, it can be difficult.

Social Media
Social Media role in Unhappiness and Materialism

Social media is the only area that allows you to compare yourself to others as.

Inflammatory Joint Disease does not Reduce Male Fertility
Inflammatory Joint Disease does not Reduce Male Fertility

Men with inflammatory joint disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are more likely to have children.

Generative AI and human memory
Generative AI Unravels the Secrets of Memory and Imagination

A recent study by UCL researchers reveals that breakthroughs in generative AI shed light on.