Study shows that bioprinted artificial skin can be used in cosmetics and drugs testing

Bioengineered artificial skin has become an increasingly important and reliable platform for researchers to test.

Advocating for developmental care for infants with complex congenital heart disease

Developmental disorders, disabilities, and delays are common outcomes for infants with complex congenital heart disease..

Smoking throughout pregnancy is tied to five-fold-plus risk of sudden unexpected infant death

A Rutgers University analysis of infants born to non-Hispanic Black and white mothers in the.

Once-weekly efanesoctocog alfa beneficial in severe hemophilia A

Once weekly efanesoctocog alfa provides superior bleeding prevention to prestudy prophylaxis for patients with severe.

Personalized brain modeling technique may lead to breakthroughs in clinical epilepsy trial

Researchers of the Human Brain Project (HBP) have published a new study in Science Translational Medicine presenting.

Immunotherapy combined with targeted therapy for colorectal cancer yields promising outcomes for patients

A new study that used insights from the lab to drive a clinical trial for.

Scientists find that microRNA affects inflammation in lupus disease.

A group of researchers from the Graduate School of Medicine at Nagoya University in Japan.

Researchers unveil new collection of human brain atlases that chart postnatal development

Human brain atlases can be used by medical professionals to track normative trends over time.

New hope for patients with hereditary metabolic disorder

Methylmalonic aciduria (MMA) is a metabolic disorder that affects approximately one in 90,000 newborns; both.

Keys to making immunotherapy work against pancreatic cancer found in tumor microenvironment

A new study that analyzed the tumor microenvironment of pancreatic cancer revealed the cause of.