Gel treats gum disease by fighting inflammation

A topical gel that blocks the receptor for a metabolic byproduct called succinate treats gum.

Stress granules may drive obesity-associated pancreatic cancer

Obesity is a known risk factor for at least 13 types of cancer, in part because.

Statin use not justified for healthy people with high cholesterol, researcher claims

About 40 million adults in the United States regularly take statins to lower their cholesterol.

New study explains the link between diabetes and urinary tract infections

Lower immunity and recurring infections are common in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Researchers.

Protein restriction can be effective in combating obesity and diabetes, study suggests

Cutting protein intake can help control metabolic syndrome and some of its main symptoms, such.

New theory suggests Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune condition, not primarily a brain disease

The pursuit of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is becoming an increasingly competitive and contentious.

Relationship between HIV infection and heart disease examined

A literature review has examined the relationship between having HIV infection and disease of the.

Deep brain stimulation can be effective for severe obsessive-compulsive disorder

Deep brain stimulation can halve the symptoms of severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD as it.

Exercise could reduce frailty in the most common form of leukemia

Increased levels of exercise could help reduce frailty in patients with the most common form.

Facemask can detect viral exposure from a 10-minute conversation with an infected person

Scientists have created a facemask that can detect common respiratory viruses, including influenza and the.