New cancer therapy takes personalized medicine to a new level

Personalized care has been a buzzword in medicine for years, but new research on cancer.

Implanted pump safely delivers chemo straight to brain in patients with brain cancer

A significant obstacle to treating brain cancer is not the cancer, but the brain itself..

Childhood lead exposure tied to worse cognitive function in late life

Lead exposure in childhood is associated with worse cognitive functioning in late life, according to.

Non-hormonal therapy reduces hot flashes and night sweats in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer

A Monash University-led trial of a new drug known as Q-122 therapy significantly reduced the.

America’s ER docs warn of surge in patients due to ‘tripledemic’

Emergency rooms are clogged with people who are waiting for inpatient beds or other care.

Balloon labor induction safer for babies, researchers find

Melbourne researchers have found that one of two common methods to induce labor is safer.

Probiotic ‘backpacks’ show promise for treating inflammatory bowel diseases

Like elite firefighters headed into the wilderness to combat an uncontrolled blaze, probiotic bacteria do.

Study: Popular dietary supplements cause cancer risk, brain metastasis

While previous studies have linked commercial dietary supplements like nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of.

COVID-19 diagnosis linked to more bleeding, worse outcomes in stroke treatments

People with a COVID-19 infection who have an ischemic stroke may be more likely to.

A blood protein can reduce brain damage after a stroke

Every year, about 12 million people suffer from a stroke worldwide. A stroke occurs suddenly.