Calcium signaling induced by 15-deoxy-prostamide-J2 shown to promote cell death

A new research paper was published in Oncotarget entitled, “Calcium signaling induced by 15-deoxy-prostamide-J2 promotes cell death.

Scientists find more evidence that breast milk of those vaccinated against COVID-19 may protect infants

A new study from the University of Florida provides more evidence that the breast milk of people.

Transcriptomic analysis of human ALS skeletal muscle reveals a disease-specific pattern of dysregulated circRNAs

A new research paper was published in Aging, entitled, “Transcriptomic analysis of human ALS skeletal muscle.

DNA fragments in blood promise cheap, easy test for cancer

Researchers are reporting progress on a blood test that can detect multiple cancers in a.

Scientists find way to heal scars left behind by heart attacks

After a heart attack, the shock of the event leaves behind a trail of the.

New technique to detect extremely small numbers of virus cells

Annual vaccinations against seasonal flu have become a way to protect the elderly and vulnerable.

Discovering factors affecting ascending aortic dilatation improves identification of high-risk patients

Prediction of aortic dissection or rupture of the thoracic aortic aneurysm is a challenge, and.

Symptoms of common cardiovascular condition can cause decline in physical, social and mental health

A new study led by investigators at the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai found symptoms.

4 ways to reduce risks of cervical cancer

HPV plays a role in causing most cervical cancer. Cervical cancer occurs in the cells.

Shockwave intravascular lithotripsy-assisted TMVR shows promise for patients with severe stenosis and regurgitation

In recent years, transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) treatment and technology have evolved, but procedure-related.