Magnetic Muscle Therapy
Older Adults Benefit From Weekly Magnetic Muscle Therapy

Aging is frequently associated with a deterioration in functional mobility, loss of muscle strength, and.

Biologic Therapy for Athletes Eases Nerve Pain
Biologic Used by Athlete Eases the Nerve Pain

Autologous conditioned serum (ACS), a biologic therapy utilized by famous athletes to treat arthritis and.

Flavonols Reduce Frailty Risk
Apples and Blackberries Contain Flavonols That Reduce Frailty Risk

Eating plant-based meals high in flavonols, which are nutritional chemicals, can reduce your risk of.

CT Scan Predicts Middle Age Heart Disease
CT Scan Better Predicts Middle-Age Heart Disease

According to a recent Northwestern Medicine study published May 23 in JAMA, CT scans are.

More Vitamin D Reduces School-Aged Psychiatric Issues
More Vitamin D Reduces School-Aged Psychiatric Issues

Every eighth child is projected to have a mental health condition. A number of predictors.

Genetic Mutation
Genetic Mutation of Women Who Can’t Feel Pain

New research from UCL has revealed the biochemistry of a rare genetic mutation that allows.

Stroke Medicine Protects Neurons
Stroke Medicine Protects Neurons Without Affecting Memory

According to a new study by experts at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus,.

Immune System's Ability in Spinal Injury Treatment
Immune System Discoveries and Spinal Injury Treatment

According to new research, the immune system’s ability to respond to spinal-cord injuries declines with.

Wireless Pacemaker
Leadless Pacemakers May Soon be Available to All Patients

Every year, almost one million people acquire a pacemaker. Until date, leadless versions were only.

Back Pain Estimates are Growing
Back Pain is Estimated to Affect 800 Million People by 2050

Analysis of over 30 years of data shows that the number of cases of low.