H5 Avian Flu in Two Poultry Employees
H5 Avian Flu in Two Poultry Employees in UK

The UK announced that regular tests on poultry workers who had contact with contaminated birds.

Tinea Cases in South Asia
First Cases of Tinea in The U.S. Caused by T. indotineae

Tinea is a common, highly contagious illness of the skin, hair, or nails that is.

Mpox Cases
Chicago Reported Resurge in Mpox Cases

According to a May 5 news release from Howard Brown Health, the Chicago area is.

HIV cure
First Possible Case of Mixed Race Woman Cured of HIV

Scientists report that a novel approach to treating HIV that involves transplanting stem cells resistant.

Mystery Disease in Tanzania
Tanzania Investigates Mystery Disease After 5 Deaths

According to the government, Tanzania has sent a team of medical professionals to investigate a.

Mammograms Required To Offer Info on Breast Density

Now, all American women undergoing mammograms will be informed of their breast density, which can.

Social media
Reduction in Social Media Time Can Improve Health

According to recent Swansea University research, cutting back on social media use by 15 minutes.

Gender Equality
Gender Equality Could Increase Lifespan of Men & Women

The first international study to examine the relationship between gender equality and life expectancy discovered.

Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Dementia
Bruce Willis Diagnosed with Dementia: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Disease

The term dementia does not stand for one particular disease; it stands for a collective.

Vitamins and supplements: What you need to know before taking them

If you were to open your medicine cabinet right now, there’s a fair chance that.