Lactobacillus Role in Depression and Anxiety Prevention

Lactobacillus, a bacterium found in fermented foods and yogurt, has been discovered by researchers at.

long covid
Long-COVID Symptoms Pose Challenges for Treatment

Researchers monitored people with long COVID (LC), defined as persisting symptoms after four weeks of.

Hair care
Chemical Emission in Hair Care Products

According to Purdue University researchers, the normal morning routine for many Americans includes inhaling several.

Electronic Chip Mimics Human Retina

Introduction Light-enabled bioelectronic devices provide as an effective link between electronic and biological systems, enabling.

Multiple Sclerosis
Blood Biomarker Predicts Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Researchers discovered that elevated levels of NfL in the blood of Multiple Sclerosis patients could.

Lung Cancer Guidelines
American Cancer Society Updates Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines

According to new American Cancer Society guidelines, more current and past smokers should begin undergoing.

ultra low glycemic index
IRRI Breakthrough: Low & Ultra-Low Glycemic Index Rice

Scientists from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), a CGIAR Research Center, have found the.

Ophthalmology Questions
Ophthalmology Questions Can be Answered by AI Model

According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT.

Augmented Reality Soothes Pre-Surgery Anxiety
Augmented Reality (AR) Soothes Pre-Surgery Anxiety in Patients

Researchers from the University of Miami specializing in medicine and computer science have discovered that.

Smartphones to work like thermometers
App That Can Turn Smartphones Into Thermometers

If you’ve ever suspected you had a fever but couldn’t find a thermometer, you’re not.