Gender Equality
Gender Equality Could Increase Lifespan of Men & Women

The first international study to examine the relationship between gender equality and life expectancy discovered.

Bruce Willis Diagnosed With Dementia
Bruce Willis Diagnosed with Dementia: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Disease

The term dementia does not stand for one particular disease; it stands for a collective.

Vitamins and supplements: What you need to know before taking them

If you were to open your medicine cabinet right now, there’s a fair chance that.

Androstenedione: A banned bodybuilding supplement you should avoid

Androstenedione is one of those supplements that was peddled to athletes for years as a.

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections put significant burden on US women

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (uUTIs) pose a substantial burden on U.S. women, according to a.

Two studies discuss how to get benefits of fiber-rich food without side effects

Fiber-rich food is important for gastrointestinal health, but most Americans don’t get enough in their.

Toxic metals in baby food: Researchers find ‘concerning’ gaps in US regulations

Rice cereal, formula, purees, and puffs. They’re among the most popular products purchased from the.

What is Valley fever? Fungal infection from the Southwest may spread with climate change

The HBO series “The Last of Us” has brought awareness to the growing threat of.

Nearly half of pregnant people experiencing intimate partner violence are not screened before or after pregnancy

Most policy, research, and clinical efforts to reduce maternal mortality focus on clinical risk factors.

World-first guidelines created to help prevent heart complications in children during cancer treatment

The world’s first international clinical guidelines to help prevent and treat heart complications in children.