New finding improves tumor response to immunotherapies

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute have found.

Vitamins, dietary supplements are a ‘waste of money’ for most Americans

Drawn to the allure of vitamins and dietary supplements filling nutritional gaps in their diet,.

Stress accelerates immune aging, study finds

Stress—in the form of traumatic events, job strain, everyday stressors and discrimination—accelerates aging of the.

Researchers find that aspirin alters colorectal cancer evolution

Cancer starts when cells start dividing uncontrollably. Scientists have known that taking aspirin can help.

AI can be used to identify benign thyroid nodules and reduce unnecessary biopsies

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to identify thyroid nodules seen on thyroid ultrasound that.

Findings from a prospective phase II study with dostarlimab for advanced local rectal cancer

In a prospective phase II study that involved patients with mismatch repair–deficient locally advanced rectal.

Ductal carcinoma in situ study offers new insights into disease biology, progression

A new study led by the global Cancer Grand Challenges PRECISION team, including researchers from.

New phase of breast cancer drug trial provides fresh hope for patients with incurable disease

Millions of patients with incurable breast cancer could benefit from new Welsh-led research. A drug trial.

Using telehealth to regularly report symptoms improved overall well-being for patients with advanced cancer

People with advanced cancer who communicated their symptoms weekly using an electronic survey had about.

Gene variation may be early indicator for gastric cancer

Researchers at the University of Arizona Health Sciences are hoping to catch stomach cancer before.