COVID-19 vaccine developed in Thailand can be stored in refrigerator for three months

A team of researchers affiliated with several entities in Thailand, working with two colleagues from.

New study updates evidence on rare blood-clotting condition after COVID-19 vaccination

A study published by The BMJ today sheds further light on the risk of developing a very.

New study updates evidence on rare heart condition after COVID vaccination

A study published by The BMJ today provides an up-to-date summary of evidence on the risk of.

US opens COVID vaccine to little kids; shots begin this week

The U.S. on Saturday opened COVID vaccine to infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The shots will.

Vaccines have up to 90% efficacy against severe COVID-19 for up to six months

Protection against symptomatic COVID-19 begins to decrease after one month from initial vaccination, while immunity.

Boosters Effective Against Reinfection Hospitalization

COVID-19 vaccines and boosters provide protection against hospitalization after contracting the coronavirus again, according to.

CDC: If You Got J&J Vaccine, Consider Moderna, Pfizer Booster

The 17 million Americans who received the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine are less.