Funds Granted for Postsurgical Pain Green Light Therapy Study
Funds Granted for Postsurgical Pain Green Light Therapy Study

Researchers at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center will use.

Anti-Nausea Drug in Pain Treatment
Modified Anti-Nausea Drug Enters Cell for Pain Treatment

According to a new study headed by experts at NYU College of Dentistry’s Pain Research.

Study finds unexpected protective properties of pain

Pain has been long recognized as one of evolution’s most reliable tools to detect the.

Way to measure brain blood flow in pre-term babies at bedside

Researchers have discovered a novel, non-invasive way to measure brain blood flow in newborn children.

Silencing gut pain without pain killers

Surgically removing specific populations of sensory nerves that communicate between internal organs, such as the.

Researchers develop bioresorbable, implantable device to block pain signals from peripheral nerves

Due to their high efficacy, opioids are used widely for the management of neuropathic pain,.

Level of trust in doctor may influence patient’s brain responses to pain

When doctors are seen as less trustworthy by their patients it can increase reported pain.

Dissolving implantable device relieves pain without drugs

A Northwestern University-led team of researchers has developed a small, soft, flexible implant that relieves.

Researchers show high-dose celebrex reduces narcotic use, controls pain in children after tonsillectomy

High-dose celecoxib, sometimes sold under the brand name Celebrex, is effective at controlling pain and.

Activation of microglia in the spinal cord after nerve injury found to contribute to pain hypersensitivity

A team of researchers working at McGill University has found that activation of microglia in.