Long COVID patients show signs of autoimmune disease a year after infection

Blood samples drawn from patients with long COVID who are still suffering from fatigue and.

New antibody therapies fight cancer, drum up investment

Antibody therapies are offering promising treatment breakthroughs for cancer and other illnesses, generating greater investor.

IgG antibodies in breast milk help shape infants’ gut bacteria and immunity

Researchers have known for some time that maternal breast milk provides critical nutrients for newborns,.

New method could enable a patient’s own antibodies to eliminate their tumors

One of the reasons that cancer is notoriously difficult to treat is that it can.

New rapid virus test uses gold particles and is 150 times more accurate than standard tests

University of Texas at Dallas researchers have developed a rapid virus test using gold particles.

Longer interval between COVID-19 vaccines generates up to nine times as many antibodies

New research to be presented at this year’s European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious.

Scientists develop COVID-19 antibodies measurement technology

Do a person’s antibodies work to block the COVID-19 virus from infecting one’s system? Are.

Antibody therapy controls HIV for months in new clinical trial

Antiretroviral (antibody) therapy has made HIV a manageable condition, but it does not eliminate the.

A new approach against chronic inflammation

The cells in our body have a sophisticated alarm system, the inflammasome (Inflammation). Its central.

Study sheds light on why immunodeficiency affects only one identical twin

Scientists have long queried the causes of immunodeficiency in only one of two identical twins.