Author: Ashraf Nayeem

Discovery could lead to better cancer immunotherapy

A type of white blood cell previously known only as a helper in the immune.

Whooping cough bacteria: Tracking the pathogen’s spread from the Great Depression to the present

In an unusual new study involving thousands of bacterial sequences across five continents, scientists have.

Researchers link sugar-studded protein to Alzheimer’s disease

In a bit of “reverse engineering” research using brain tissues from five people who died.

Researchers find cause of disordered smell

For people with parosmia, or distorted sense of smell, the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

CDC Calls for One-Third of Americans to Mask Up Again

Maybe it was inevitable. In light of both COVID-19 cases and hospitalization numbers rising again,.

How machine learning is helping patients diagnosed with common childhood cancer?

New software developed by Peter Mac and collaborators is helping patients diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic.

Study: Treatment minimizes infants’ opioid-related brain abnormalities

Treating pregnant women with opioid use disorder can help minimize opioid-related brain abnormalities in their.

New non-invasive method of risk assessment in liver disease

In a recent study, an interdisciplinary research team from MedUni Vienna showed that functional magnetic.

Scientists develop and monitor two approaches to fix blood vessel abnormalities

Tumors send out signals that impair normal blood flow, which makes them hard to treat.

As the Virus Evolves, COVID-19 Reinfections Are Going to Keep Happening

After the Omicron variant caused massive numbers of infections this past winter, lots of people.