Study finds that risk of severe asthma attacks doubled in UK after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted

Adults with asthma had, at one point, an approximately doubled risk of severe asthma attacks.

A simple new tool allows primary caregivers to detect young kids at high risk of asthma

A team of researchers working with the CHILD Cohort Study (CHILD) has developed a simple.

Monoclonal antibody reduces asthma attacks in urban youth

A National Institutes of Health clinical trial has found that a monoclonal antibody, mepolizumab, decreased.

Potential long-term treatment for asthma found

A possible way to tackle one of the underlying causes of asthma has been developed.

Early exposure to antibiotics can cause permanent asthma and allergies

Early exposure to antibiotics kills healthy bacteria in the digestive tract and can cause asthma.

Asthmatics may soon breathe easier thanks to new breakthrough

New research led by Edith Cowan University has made an important discovery that could lead.

Bad weather creates perfect storm for asthma sufferers

It’s an old line: “Everyone complains about the weather but no one is doing anything.

Scientists solve long-standing mystery about asthma treatment

When taking medicine during an asthma attack, patients with the most severe form of asthma.

Drug combination reduces the risk of asthma attacks

A global study of asthma patients by Rutgers and an international team of researchers found.