Author: Tarannum Ara

palliative care for neurological disorders
New Model for Palliative Care To Address Neurological Illnesses

Alzheimer’s disease, brain cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and stroke are among the most feared.

CTE Risk in football players
Number & Strength of Head Impacts Drive CTE Risk in Football

Is the number of concussions suffered by a football player related to the chance of.

Wearable to detect stress levels
Wearable to Detect Stress Hormone Levels

A novel wearable device developed by endocrine experts can help detect early warning signals of.

Smartphones to work like thermometers
App That Can Turn Smartphones Into Thermometers

If you’ve ever suspected you had a fever but couldn’t find a thermometer, you’re not.

New Diagnostic Test for Glioblastoma
Diagnostic Test For Better Glioblastoma Patient Outcomes

According to new data from a multi-institutional phase 3 clinical trial published on May 2.

Parasitic Infection suppressed with immune mechanism
Immune Mechanism That Suppresses Parasitic Infection

Penn State immunology researchers discovered that type I interferon, a protein vital for the body’s.

Post-vaccination myocarditis
New Insights On Post-vaccination Myocarditis

When the new COVID-19 vaccines were introduced two years ago, public health experts saw an.

Sons born from PCOS women are more likely to be obese.
How PCOS Affects Future Generation of Men

According to a study published in Cell Reports Medicine, sons of women with polycystic ovarian.

Domestic Abuse Affecting physical health
Domestic Abuse Triggers Increased Risk of Atopic Diseases

According to new research, women who have experienced domestic abuse are more likely to develop.

Gamma Delta T Cells Can Fight Against TNBC

Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is the most aggressive and lethal type of breast cancer, with.