Author: Tarannum Ara

mRNA vaccine
World’s First mRNA Vaccine Developed in Israel

An mRNA vaccine that is 100% effective against a kind of bacteria that is fatal.

Sarcoma treatment
New Desmoid Tumor Treatment Improves Results in Sarcoma Patients

Dana Avellino, now 36, initially thought a lump she felt in the summer of 2018.

Weight Loss Surgery Results
Nearby Food Stores Affect Weight Loss Surgery Results

According to new research, being able to quickly walk to a nearby grocery shop may.

Mammograms Required To Offer Info on Breast Density

Now, all American women undergoing mammograms will be informed of their breast density, which can.

Gut Microbiome
Healthy Gut Microbiome Helps Fight Cancer in Other Body Parts

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have figured out how the beneficial gut microbiome can leave.

Drug-resistant COVID-19
New Medication Could Prevent Drug-resistant COVID Variants

Clinicians must have a variety of medicines at their disposal to treat infections that are.

Social media
Reduction in Social Media Time Can Improve Health

According to recent Swansea University research, cutting back on social media use by 15 minutes.

Neurological diseases
New Study About Aging Could Offer Treatment for Neurological Diseases

The aging mechanisms in the brain have received new insight from researchers at the Trinity.

Both Cesarean and Normal Delivery Babies Receive Microbes from Their Mothers

Can newborns born by cesarean procedure lack vital microbes? Recent data hints that “no” might.

Obesity in men AND women
Obesity claimed 160 million years of life in 2019

Using data from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) reports, researchers at the National University.