Author: Tarannum Ara

Lyme disease recovery in 6 months
Recovery from Lyme Disease Takes 6 Months

According to a new joint study published in Pediatric Research by Children’s National Research Institute.

Treatment for chronic transplant failure
Treatment for Chronic Transplant Rejection

In a mouse model of kidney transplantation, the University of Pittsburgh researchers identified a type.

Vitamin d Levels for Advanced Melanoma
Normal Vitamin D Levels To Help With Advanced Melanoma

According to this research, it may be critical for patients with advanced melanoma to maintain.

Beating-heart transplant
First Beating-Heart Transplant From Cardiac Death Donors

Stanford Medicine surgeons transplanted a heart while it was beating using an organ from a.

Gut microbiome situation with anorexia nervosa
Investigating The Gut Microbiome in Anorexia Nervosa

A study published in Nature Microbiology by researchers at Denmark’s University of Copenhagen delves into.

Osteoarthritis treatment
Osteoarthritis Treatment With Injectable Cell Therapy

Scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) have developed an injectable cell.

New target for Breast cancer treatment
Researchers Identify New Target for Breast Cancer Treatment

Researchers at the Vera Bradley Foundation Center for Breast Cancer Research at Indiana University Melvin.

Lung transplant
Paradigm Shift for Lung Transplant: Clinical Trials

According to research led by a team of experts from the Toronto Lung Transplant Program.

Universal Flu Vaccine in The Works
Scientists Are Close To Inventing A Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers are claiming progress toward developing a “universal” flu vaccine, which would combat all forms.

Surgery using AI
AI Tools To Improve Surgery Procedures

During their training, surgeons frequently require the supervision of more experienced doctors who may mentor.