Author: Tarannum Ara

Infertility in Woman
Females With Unexplained Infertility Are More Prone To Cancer, Heart Disease

According to research from the Medical College of Georgia, 17% of women with unexplained infertility.

Mystery Disease in Tanzania
Tanzania Investigates Mystery Disease After 5 Deaths

According to the government, Tanzania has sent a team of medical professionals to investigate a.

Equine-Facilitated Therapy
Equine-Facilitated Therapy to Help Low Back Pain Patients

A recent study from the University of Eastern Finland suggests that equine-facilitated therapy (EFT) may.

Brain Cancer
Study: Two Mutations Team Up To Hide Brain Cancer

An emerging class of immunotherapy medications may be able to be used to treat the.

Alzheimer's disease
New Way To Clear Toxic Proteins Linked to Alzheimer’s

The most prevalent form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, may one day be treated with medications.

Pediatric Tuberculosis
Improvement in Pediatric Tuberculosis Diagnosis

One of the top causes of death among young people worldwide is tuberculosis. Modeling studies.

Newborn Genetic Disease
Novel Test could Ensure Treatment for Newborn Genetic Disease

Homocystinuria (HCU), a genetic disease that, if not treated promptly, can lead to catastrophic consequences,.

Artificial pancreas
Improvement in Kids’ Blood Sugar with Artificial Pancreas

A recent study shows that children with type 1 diabetes between the ages of 2.

Peanut Allergy
Meatless Proteins May Trigger Soy & Peanut Allergy

Many people who want to consume less meat are switching to protein-, vitamin-, and fiber-rich.

Pandemic pregnancy
Study: Pandemic Pregnancy More Stressful

According to recent research from UNSW Sydney, women who were pregnant during the COVID-19 epidemic.