COVID-19 infection
How Immunity Against COVID-19 Infection Mitigates Contagiousness?

A collaborative effort between the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) involved.

Third kind of infection risk for soccer fans traveling to Qatar

A trio of researchers from Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Aix Marseille University, and the University.

Study finds risk of seizures is higher after COVID-19 than after influenza

People who have a COVID-19 infection are more likely to develop seizures or epilepsy within.

Repeat COVID-19 infections increase risk of organ failure, death

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began almost three years ago, scientists have learned that an initial.

High folic acid supplementation associated with higher rates of COVID-19 infections and mortality

People in the United Kingdom with folic acid supplementation were 1.5 times more likely to.

Fatigue, headache among top lingering symptoms months after COVID

Fatigue and headache were the most common symptoms reported by individuals an average of more.

Studies reveal key clues about COVID-19 immunity, immune recall

How does the immune system remember and recognize viral invaders it has encountered in the.

COVID transmission 1,000 times more likely from air vs. surfaces, says study

If you’re still wiping down groceries, doorknobs and light switches in an attempt to thwart.