Hospitals overflow in China’s COVID wave

“Deceased, deceased,” a staffer in full protective gear shouted as she handed a nurse a.

How antibody therapy affects the breadth of COVID mRNA vaccines

The findings suggest that monoclonal antibodies received before vaccination may help diversify the immune response.

Scientists say eye-disease drug may also help fight COVID

An interdisciplinary research team led by UCLA found that a drug already approved by the.

US grapples with spike in trio of respiratory viruses

US hospitals are under pressure as cases of three respiratory viruses — the flu, COVID-19,.

Neuroimaging study reveals functional and structural brain abnormalities in people with post-treatment Lyme disease

In a study using specialized imaging techniques, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers report distinctive changes in.

Study reveals how COVID damages the heart

University of Queensland researchers have discovered how COVID-19 damages the heart, opening the door to.

International team discovers potential mechanism in the development of myocarditis after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination

A multidisciplinary, international team formed around Drs Lorenz Thurner and Jochen Pfeifer (both University Hospital.

COVID-19 associated with increase in new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in youth, by as much as 72%

Children who were infected with COVID-19 show a substantially higher risk of developing type 1.

Summer colds: This may explain why so many have suffered them this year

Most of us associate colds and the flu with colder weather. But that doesn’t mean.

What’s the secret of the 15% of British people who’ve never had COVID?

Many people have contracted COVID at least three times, yet around 3 in 20 Brits.