Fatty liver causes liver cirrhosis
Reason Why Severe Fatty Liver Causes Liver Damage

It has been recently uncovered why fatty liver causes severe liver damage. Hepatocytes “die” in.

Alternate Day Fasting for Fatty Liver
Alternate-Day Fasting to Beat Fatty Liver Disease

In a study of 80 individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, nutrition researchers at the.

Aerobics Reduces Chances of Liver Disease
Study Reveals Aerobic Activity 150 Mins A Week Can Reduce Liver Fat

According to a new research by Penn State College of Medicine, the 150 minutes of.

Gut molecules may affect fattiness of liver

Sphingolipids—molecules ubiquitous throughout the human body, named after the Egyptian Sphinx for their complexity when.

New blood biomarker identified for status of fatty liver disease

A MedUni Vienna study team has identified the role of a specific subtype of macrophages.