South Asian people undergo type 2 diabetes remission with low calorie diets

People of South Asian ethnicity may be able to achieve type 2 diabetes remission by.

Novel approach to treat and prevent type 2 diabetes using bile acid composition

Bile acids, a digestive juice, may hold the key to a new way of treating.

Association between diabetes medication and less severe cases of COVID-19

Published in PLOS ONE, a study led by the University of Minnesota Medical School studied adults.

New study shows Rhodiola rosea root might be beneficial for managing type 2 diabetes

A team of researchers led by the University of California, Irvine has discovered that treatment.

Huge study of diverse populations advances understanding of type 2 diabetes

Ongoing worldwide research of diverse populations by an international team of scientists, including a University.

Artery stiffness may predict Type 2 diabetes risk better than BP and standard risk factors

Arterial stiffness was a better predictor of future risk of Type 2 diabetes than blood.

Research unlocks personalized care in type 2 diabetes

Moving away from a “one-size fits all” care regime has the potential to transform care.

Poor diet associated with increased diabetes risk

Genetic risk factors and diet quality are independently associated with type 2 diabetes; a healthy.

Insomnia could increase people’s risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds

People who have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep had higher blood sugar levels.

Gene map may identify heart disease risk for people with type 2 diabetes

A risk score based on a gene map predicted the likelihood of high blood pressure.