Facemask can detect viral exposure from a 10-minute conversation with an infected person

Scientists have created a facemask that can detect common respiratory viruses, including influenza and the.

Twice-daily nasal irrigation reduces COVID-related illness, death

Starting twice daily nasal irrigation (flushing of the mucus-lined nasal cavity with a mild saline.

Children’s mental health is in crisis. Here are seven actions we can take

Malas and his colleagues published a study in Clinical Pediatrics in January showing an 18% rise.

Immunocompromised hospitalized with COVID-19 have poor outcomes

Immunocompromised adults with COVID-19 hospitalization have increased odds of intensive care unit (ICU) admission and.

Cancer drug may be lifesaver for hospitalized COVID patients

An experimental drug used to fight cancer may reduce the risk of death for hospitalized.

Team develops new COVID-19 antibody detection method that does not require a blood sample

Despite significant and stunning advances in vaccine technology, the COVID-19 global pandemic is not over..

COVID-19 vaccine protects people of all body weights from hospitalization and death, shows study of 9 million adults

COVID-19 vaccines have greatly reduced the number of cases of severe COVID-19 disease for everyone.

Scientists explain what makes COVID-19 antibody ‘J08’ so potent

Last year, scientists at Scripps Research and Toscana Life Sciences studied the blood of 14.

Study tracks COVID-19 infection dynamics in adults

A team led by scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tracked the rise and.