COVID Positive Infants
COVID Positive Infants May Develop UTIs

According to a study published late last week in JAMA Network Open, compared to feverish.

COVID during pregnancy
Mild COVID During Pregnancy Doesn’t Impact Baby’s Brain

Based on findings from a thorough evaluation of brain development, Columbia researchers have discovered that.

COVID-19 forecast in south korea
Sewage Sample Testing in South Korea for COVID-19

This month, South Korea will start testing the sewage produced by its main cities and.

booster vaccine to prevent COVID-19
Periodic Boosters To Keep COVID-19 in Check

The majority of people now have some immunity against the virus that causes COVID-19 thanks.

Coronavirus protection
Nasal Spray for Coronavirus Protection

Researchers have created a chemical that is highly successful in stopping the spread of all.

Increased Diabetes Risk
Increased Risk of Diabetes with COVID-19 Infection

Researchers at Cedars-Smidt Sinai’s Heart Institute have verified that people who have had COVID-19 are.

Lung health protection from COVID and flu with inhalable powder
Inhalable Powder to Shield Lungs from Flu & COVID Virus

By strengthening the body’s own mucosal layer, researchers have created an inhalable powder that could.

Study finds long COVID-19 in children less common than in adults

A new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) RECOVER Pediatric Electronic Health.