Facemask can detect viral exposure from a 10-minute conversation with an infected person

Scientists have created a facemask that can detect common respiratory viruses, including influenza and the.

Mechanism behind deadly fungal infection on top of influenza or COVID-19 deciphered

More than 15% of all critically ill patients who end up in intensive care with.

Universal flu vaccine protects against variants of both influenza A and B viruses

A new universal flu vaccine protects against diverse variants of both influenza A and B.

Pneumonia risk signals and their potential for precision medicine

The largest ever genomic study of pneumonia has identified the genetic risk signals of the.

Acute stress may be detrimental to fighting off COVID-19 and influenza

Acute stress can be detrimental to fighting off infection, especially COVID-19, and increases the chance.

Study suggests that coronavirus increases risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

Brain fog, headaches, and insomnia are some of the neurological symptoms doctors have observed in.

Study suggests severe obesity blunts antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines

New research being presented at this year’s European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Maastricht, Netherlands.

New rapid virus test uses gold particles and is 150 times more accurate than standard tests

University of Texas at Dallas researchers have developed a rapid virus test using gold particles.

Antenatal Influenza Associates With Late Pregnancy

Influenza infection during pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of late pregnancy loss and.

Repeated Influenza Vaccination Could Reduce Effectiveness

Seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness declines with vaccination program maturation, defined as the number of years.