Seasonal flu vaccine
Improving Seasonal Flu Vaccine Could Help Predict Pandemic

According to recent research by experts at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, it may be.

Lung health protection from COVID and flu with inhalable powder
Inhalable Powder to Shield Lungs from Flu & COVID Virus

By strengthening the body’s own mucosal layer, researchers have created an inhalable powder that could.

Researchers discover exploiting microbiome bacteria in patients with lung infections improves low oxygen levels

Newspaper headlines from the U.S. to the U.K. and most places in between highlight the.

An mRNA flu vaccine strategy under study to fight the flu—as a shot and intranasal spray

Messenger RNA vaccine technology, once an arcane area of research, became household terminology because of.

How antibody therapy affects the breadth of COVID mRNA vaccines

The findings suggest that monoclonal antibodies received before vaccination may help diversify the immune response.

Flu shots can protect patients with heart failure from death

Flu shots can save the lives of people with cardiovascular disease by reducing cardiac complications.

Study: Children with severe form of epilepsy should receive flu vaccine due to high risk after influenza infection

Children with a severe form of epilepsy should be vaccinated against the flu due to.

America’s ER docs warn of surge in patients due to ‘tripledemic’

Emergency rooms are clogged with people who are waiting for inpatient beds or other care.

Study hints at why older people are more susceptible to the flu

Though the COVID-19 pandemic provided a brief respite, the influenza virus is back in circulation.

U.S. flu season off to a fast start as other viruses spread

The U.S. flu season is off to an unusually fast start, adding to an autumn.