New breakthrough reveals how prostate cancer may begin

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have made an important discovery about how prostate.

Study reveals aggressive prostate cancer linked to ancestral heritage

Two pioneering studies published simultaneously today in Nature and Genome Medicine, have identified genetic signatures explaining ethnic differences.

Do you have prostate cancer? Here’s your guide to treatment options

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can bring up many worries. There may be a general.

Scientists identify new-and very common-subtype of prostate cancer

A previously unknown subtype of hormone-resistant prostate cancer accounts for about 30% of all cases,.

Most Men With Low-Risk Prostate Tumors Now Forgoing Treatment

The number of men with prostate cancer who chose to have their disease monitored rather.

New regulator of prostate cancer metastasis discovered

A transcription factor normally associated with androgen receptor activity in prostate cancer metastasis has a.

New prostate cancer treatment: NanoKnife uses electricity to kill cancer cells

Prostate cancer affects one in every eight men during their lifetime, making it the most.

Doctors suggest new names for low-grade prostate cancer

A cancer diagnosis is scary. Some doctors say it’s time to rename low-grade prostate cancer.

Researchers look to licorice for promising cancer treatments

Licorice is more than a candy people either love or hate—it may play a role.

Metastatic prostate cancer on the rise since decrease in cancer screenings

A new study from Keck Medicine of USC finds that the incidence rate of metastatic.