First real-world study gives detailed new insights into when people with COVID-19 are infectious

A new study of 57 people with mild COVID-19 estimates how long people are infectious.

When COVID-19 or flu viruses kill, they often have an accomplice—bacterial infections

The 1918 influenza pandemic resulted in the loss of over 3% of the world’s population—at least.

Severe COVID-19 increases risk of life-threatening blood clots

Individuals hospitalized with severe COVID-19 are more likely to develop venous thromboembolism—a potentially life-threatening condition—than.

Ivermectin, luvox fail as COVID-19 treatments

Two drugs touted as potential COVID-19 treatments, ivermectin and fluvoxamine, don’t do a thing to.

Reduced myocardial blood flow is new clue in how COVID-19 is impacting the heart

Patients with prior COVID-19 may be twice as likely to have unhealthy endothelial cells that.

Increased risk of some neurological and psychiatric disorders remains two years after COVID-19 infection

A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry from the University of Oxford and the National Institute.

Why some people suffer more from COVID-19 than others

A large number of people are currently contracting COVID-19. Fortunately, most of them are experiencing.

Pregnant women are at increased risk of severe illness, complications from COVID-19

COVID-19 infection in pregnant women is associated with increased risk of adverse outcomes compared to.

Universal vaccine needed to prevent future COVID-19 waves, study suggests

A model of COVID-19 dynamics in South Africa reveals epidemiological characteristics of the main SARS-CoV-2.

Unhealthy cholesterol linked to long COVID and other prolonged illnesses

Scientists from King’s working on the ZOE Health Study analyzed blood markers from 4,787 people.