Biomarker Discovery: Probing Long COVID in Autoimmune Rheumatoid Disease

Individuals with autoimmune rheumatoid disease who experience long COVID are more prone to exhibit changes.

COVID brain fog
COVID Brain Fog: How Two Blood Biomarkers Could Be the Key

A recent study in Nature Medicine reveals two blood biomarkers that could predict cognitive deficits.

Novel therapeutic targets discovered for triple-negative breast cancer

Targeting cellular post-transcription mechanisms in the CD73 ectoenzyme may promote anti-tumor immunity and slow cancer.

Biomarker predicts resistance to immunotherapies in melanoma

Duke Cancer Institute researchers have identified potential biomarkers that predict the likelihood for checkpoint inhibitor.

Researchers identify brain markers of ADHD in children

Researchers analyzing the data from MRI exams on nearly 8,000 children have identified biomarkers of.

Miniaturized biosensors for minimally invasive implants

A new method for the miniaturization of biosensors will enable new possibilities for minimally invasive.

Ewing sarcoma tumors can be split into two groups for targeted care

Ewing sarcoma is a fast-growing form of bone and soft tissue cancer that strikes about.

Smoking and drinking means higher surgery risks, but health coaching before surgery could help

Two habits are riskier than one when it comes to surgery-related problems, according to a.

Researchers identify biomarkers that predict preeclampsia risk

In a study of pregnant women in the United States, Cedars-Sinai investigators found that a.

Early diagnosis tool for childhood kidney disease

Early diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is key to managing the progression of the.