How are inflammation, aging and diet related? The systemic regulatory network described for the first time

Mild, persistent inflammation in tissue is considered one of the biological hallmarks of the aging.

Laser light offers new tool for treating bone cancer

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Sugary drinks could raise your odds for fatal cancers: Study

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Blood test shows promise at catching cancers early

A single blood test that can screen for more than 50 cancers seems to work.

Using machine learning to identify undiagnosable cancers

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Technological advances in cancer therapy

Tumors have significant differences depending on the person affected, even if they are the same.

Genetic mapping of tumors reveals how cancers grow

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Study shows older age and smoking most important risk factors for developing any cancer

A new large study led by researchers at the American Cancer Society (ACS) shows older.

New method mass-produces antitumor cells to treat blood diseases and cancer

A Purdue University chemical engineer has improved upon traditional methods to produce off-the-shelf human immune.

Study finds association between high insulin dosage and cancer

Dr. Yuanjie Mao has led a study published in JAMA Oncology looking at the correlation between.