A soybean protein blocks LDL cholesterol production, reducing risks of metabolic diseases

A protein in soybeans blocks the production of a liver enzyme involved in the metabolism.

Hormone protects against development of fatty liver

A group at MedUni Vienna has identified a regulatory loop controlled by leptin, by which.

Researchers identify the target of immune attacks on liver cells in metabolic disorders

When fat accumulates in the liver, the immune system may assault the organ. A new.

B vitamins can potentially be used to treat advanced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Scientists at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore have uncovered a mechanism that leads to an.

Liver disease linked to higher risk of dementia: Study

People who have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a buildup of fat cells in the liver,.

Tissue model reveals key players in liver regeneration

The human liver has amazing regeneration capabilities: Even if up to 70 percent of it.

New blood biomarker identified for status of fatty liver disease

A MedUni Vienna study team has identified the role of a specific subtype of macrophages.

Using the gut microbiome as a health compass

The human microbiome can provide information regarding the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This.

New method for early diagnosis of liver diseases by proteomics

Two or three drinks every day could put your liver in danger. Using proteomics and.

Study sheds light on the benefits of exercise in fatty liver disease

Exercise supports the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by impacting on several metabolic pathways.