COVID-19 infection
How Immunity Against COVID-19 Infection Mitigates Contagiousness?

A collaborative effort between the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) involved.

COVID-19 vaccination
COVID-19 Vaccination Potent for Babies and Young Children

According to a multistate study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s VISION Network,.

COVID-19 vaccination
Debunking Myths around COVID-19 Vaccination Side Effects

Post COVID-19 vaccination side effects were encountered by individuals in Denmark encompassing weariness, elevated temperatures,.

Canadian extroverts resist Covid-19 vaccination
Study Finds Extroverts Resist Covid-19 Vaccination

At the height of the pandemic, which personality types were most reluctant to COVID-19 vaccination?.

Rare Antibodies Improve Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines
Rare Antibodies Improve Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines

What scientists discovered about the uncommon antibodies that target the Achilles’ heel of SARS-CoV-2 should.

Vaccination Reduces The Risk of Long COVID

According to recent research from the University of East Anglia, COVID vaccination reduces a person’s.

Scientists find more evidence that breast milk of those vaccinated against COVID-19 may protect infants

A new study from the University of Florida provides more evidence that the breast milk of people.

Black and Hispanic men saw worse COVID-19 outcomes, study shows

More than two years into the pandemic, multiple analyses of federal, state and local data.

Research sheds new light on long COVID conditions

Most people who get COVID-19 recover within a few weeks. But some people—even those who.

Research reveals COVID vaccination can affect menstrual cycle, but changes are typically small and temporary

A new international study finds some people may experience a slight, temporary change in the.