Team identifies new pathogenic mechanism for diabetes onset in MODY3

In order to treat patients with diabetes in the best possible way it is necessary.

At risk for diabetes? Cut the carbs, says new study

While low-carb diets are often recommended for those being treated for diabetes, little evidence exists.

Lipids in blood predict nerve damage risk among patients with type 2 diabetes

Of the 37 million Americans with diabetes, up to 50% may end up with nerve.

Top-selling drug Farxiga sees potential to reach more patients

One of AstraZeneca Plc’s top-selling drugs Farxiga, a diabetes treatment, is beneficial to a wider.

Detecting diabetes before the first symptoms appear

A team from the UNIGE in collaboration with the HUG has discovered a molecule that.

Study finds undiagnosed diabetes in US is significantly lower than current estimates

A new study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health estimates.

AI + ECG heart trace can accurately predict diabetes and pre-diabetes

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, derived from the features of individual heartbeats recorded on an.

A new pathway to the regeneration of insulin could mean a major breakthrough in diabetes treatment

A world-first study by Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia has discovered a pathway to the.

Hormone infusion improves pancreatic insulin production in cystic fibrosis patients with or at risk for diabetes

Cystic fibrosis is well-known for attacking the lungs through thick blockages of mucus, but those.

Diabetes: A step closer to a life without insulin

People with a severe form of diabetes, where the beta cells of the pancreas do.