One in four people with diabetes worldwide have osteoporosis

More than one-quarter of people with diabetes have osteoporosis (OP), according to a review published.

The significant impact of ED drugs on men’s cardiac health

A comprehensive research study manuscript examining the impact of erectile dysfunction drugs on major adverse.

Non-invasive neurotechnology shown to reduce symptoms of insomnia and improve autonomic nervous system function

A good night’s sleep is crucial to health and well-being. Numerous research studies have shown.

The same genes may underlie cardiometabolic diseases and dementia

Being affected by several cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, is linked.

Can this diabetes drug really slow aging, curb weight gain, reduce dementia? What’s behind the metformin craze?

Is an ancient compound the new “wonder drug”?¬†Metformin, a common medication to control diabetes, has.

Exploring genetic regulation of immunoglobulin A

Increased levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA) are correlated with the manifestation of several.

Team identifies new pathogenic mechanism for diabetes onset in MODY3

In order to treat patients with diabetes in the best possible way it is necessary.

Study discovers novel therapeutic target to advance the treatment of diabetic eye diseases

A recent study discovered a novel therapeutic target named ADAM10 that could be used to.

Where do reproductive-age women receive preventive health care?

While preventive health care is usually associated with primary care providers, a majority of office.

Looking for an early sign of LATE: New insights into the pathology

Limbic predominate age-related TDP-43 encephalopathy or LATE is a recently recognized form of dementia that.