Decades of air pollution undermine the immune system, lymph nodes study finds

The diminished power of the immune system in older adults is usually blamed on the.

Long-term exposure to air pollution puts teenagers at risk of heart disease

Long-term exposure to air pollution can increase the risk of high blood pressure in teenagers,.

Toxic cooking fumes cause complications in some pregnant women

Exposure to indoor household pollution has been linked to poor pregnancy outcomes for women in.

Polluting particles in the air are linked to cardiac arrests

Small particles in air pollution in Singapore might have caused sudden cardiac arrests in some.

Ambient noise associated with increased risk of stroke

Every 10-decibel (dBA) increase in outdoor noise raises the risk of stroke by 6% for.

How pollution changes a baby’s gut, and why it matters

Exposure to air pollution in the first six months of life impacts a child’s inner.

Scientists find cold spells in the tropics increase heart attack risk

Scientists have long known that temperature changes impact the incidence of heart attacks. However, most.

Reducing air pollution can support healthy brain development, study finds

A new study finds that having a portable air cleaner in the home can reduce.

Early-life exposure to air pollution causes changes in brain connectivity in preadolescents

Higher exposure to air pollution is associated with higher functional brain connectivity among several brain.