Atrial Fibrillation Treatment
Ablation is Safe & Effective Atrial Fibrillation Treatment

Patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) have palpitations, shortness of breath, and an elevated risk of.

Gum infection may be a risk factor for heart arrhythmia, researchers find

Periodontitis, a gum infection, can lead to a litany of dental issues from bad breath.

FDA approves new drug for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, small lymphocytic lymphoma

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasĀ approvedĀ zanubrutinib (Brukinsa), a next-generation BTK inhibitor, for the treatment.

Adults living in areas with high air pollution are more likely to have multiple long-term health conditions: Study

Exposure to traffic-related air pollution is associated with an increased likelihood of having multiple long-term.

Abnormal heartbeat identified in 1 in 20 older adults using wrist-worn wearable and smartphone

Consumer electronics provide a novel route to screen for atrial arrhythmias. A study offered smartphone.

Canadian study suggests it’s time to rethink how we treat atrial fibrillation

A national study led by University of British Columbia (UBC) researchers at the Centre for.

Oxygen deprivation at birth could increase risk of cardiovascular disease

An observational study at Karolinska Institutet shows that babies suffering oxygen-deficiency complications at birth are.

Substance use disorders linked to poor health outcomes in wide range of physical health conditions

People who have a past history of hospitalization because of substance use disorders have much.

New troponin test improves heart attack diagnostics

A new test has been developed in Turku, Finland, that helps in separating heart attack.

Researchers identify best blood thinner for minimizing bleeding risk

A large-scale comparison of direct oral anticoagulants (blood thinners), commonly prescribed for irregular heartbeats, has.