Mental Health Support for Patients with Autoimmune Diseases
Mental Health Support for Autoimmune Disease Patients

Researchers discovered that over half of the patients had rarely or never reported their mental.

Autoimmune diseases
Type-2 Diabetes Drug May Treat Autoimmune Diseases

Researchers from Swansea University have discovered that a medication frequently used to treat type 2.

Autoimmune diseases
Study Reveals Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

Japanese researchers have identified a chemical substance that may be used to treat a variety.

Cold weather brings irritated skin—here’s how to treat eczema and other skin conditions and when to see a doctor

In many parts of the U.S., the winter months bring frigid temperatures and drier conditions.

Anifrolumab shows long-term promise in patients with lupus

Type I interferon (IFN) is a powerful immune activator that is present at high levels.

A promising drug candidate discovered for the prevention of type 1 diabetes

According to a study, type 1 diabetes could be prevented by inhibiting a gene associated.

Can gut bacteria cause rheumatoid arthritis?

Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have discovered that a unique bacteria.

Type 1 diabetes: New findings on the development of the autoimmune disease in children

A new study provides novel insights on dynamics of blood sugar levels and autoimmunity in.

Long COVID patients show signs of autoimmune disease a year after infection

Blood samples drawn from patients with long COVID who are still suffering from fatigue and.

New theory suggests Alzheimer’s is an autoimmune condition, not primarily a brain disease

The pursuit of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is becoming an increasingly competitive and contentious.