Laser Speckle Imaging
Laser Speckle Imaging To Identify Hearts Fit for Transplant

The majority of graft failures after heart transplantation are caused by anomalies such as significant.

Nasal Pertussis Vaccine for whooping cough
Nasal Pertussis Vaccine Shows Result Against Whooping Cough

A novel nasal pertussis vaccine has demonstrated encouraging benefits against whooping cough. In a study.

Treatment for chronic transplant failure
Treatment for Chronic Transplant Rejection

In a mouse model of kidney transplantation, the University of Pittsburgh researchers identified a type.

Beating-heart transplant
First Beating-Heart Transplant From Cardiac Death Donors

Stanford Medicine surgeons transplanted a heart while it was beating using an organ from a.

Osteoarthritis treatment
Osteoarthritis Treatment With Injectable Cell Therapy

Scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) have developed an injectable cell.

Universal Flu Vaccine in The Works
Scientists Are Close To Inventing A Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers are claiming progress toward developing a “universal” flu vaccine, which would combat all forms.

Surgery using AI
AI Tools To Improve Surgery Procedures

During their training, surgeons frequently require the supervision of more experienced doctors who may mentor.

COPD can be now predicted using AI apps
COPD Prediction Using Machine Learning Apps

A group of medical researchers, engineers, and computer scientists from various institutions around the United.

Melanoma Recurrence Could Be Prevented
New Vaccine To Reduce Melanoma Recurrence

New clinical research found that combining an experimental mRNA vaccination with immunotherapy lowered the chance.

N-acetylcysteine to fight resistance in breast cancer
N-acetylcysteine To Combat Resistance in Breast Cancer

Numerous cancer treatments fall short of expectations. The development of drug resistance in malignancies is.