3D Printing of Brain Blood Vessels Could Improve Neurosurgery

According to our research, which was just published in Science, a new 3D printing method.

Coronavirus protection
Nasal Spray for Coronavirus Protection

Researchers have created a chemical that is highly successful in stopping the spread of all.

AI predicts genetics of cancerous brain tumors
Predicting Genetics of Malignant Brain Tumors Gets Quick

Researchers have found a way to screen for genetic alterations in dangerous brain tumors in.

mechanotherapy for muscle repair
Non-invasive Mechanotherapy for Elderly

Long used as a method of physical therapy to help heal injured muscles, mechanotherapy is.

Tumor removal
Tumor Removal Could Get Easy with Advanced Imaging

The distinction between cancerous tumors and healthy tissue has now been made for the first.

Immunotherapy for tumors
Novel Immunotherapy To Treat Complex Tumors

A symposium was presented at the 52nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the AADOCR, which.

Muscle Atrophy Tracker
First Wearable Health Sensor To Track Muscle Atrophy

The first wearable sensor created by researchers at The Ohio State University is intended to.

Prostate Cancer
Promising Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Here

Research by Neeraj Agarwal, MD, called TALAPRO-2 showed that taking TALZENNA along with XTANDI can.

Paralysis Due To ALS Could Be Delayed with DNA Treatment

A protein called TDP-43 is lost from its usual place in the cell nucleus in.

Pediatric Tuberculosis
Improvement in Pediatric Tuberculosis Diagnosis

One of the top causes of death among young people worldwide is tuberculosis. Modeling studies.