New System Speeds Up Typing for the Motor Impaired

Researchers at MIT have created a new text selection interface for motor impaired individuals. People.

Study: AI models need thorough preclinical testing to root out safety concerns

An artificial intelligence algorithm used to detect hip fractures outperformed human radiologists, but researchers found.

Microplastics in the human body: What we know and don’t know

Few places on Earth — or in our bodies — seem to be free of.

How ovarian cancer defies immunotherapy?

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Moores Cancer Center at.

Microfluidic Chip Collects Healthy Sperm

A team at Florida Atlantic University created a microfluidic chip that can sort and collect.

Multi-Purpose Sensor for Rapid, Accurate COVID-19 Testing

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University developed a COVID-19 testing technology that is based on surface enhanced.

Tiny Wireless Neurostimulator Delivered Through Blood Vessels

Researchers at Rice University developed a tiny neurostimulation device that can be delivered through blood.

AI predicts if – and when – someone will have cardiac arrest

A new artificial intelligence-based approach can predict, significantly more accurately than a doctor, if and.

VR therapy could help reduce agoraphobic avoidance and distress in psychosis patients

Virtual reality therapy could be a key to helping patients with psychosis reduce agoraphobic avoidance.

Impact of Machine Learning in Healthcare Industry

“Science calls for science“; if this had been a proverb, it would have been perfectly.