Blood Coagulation
Perfume Ingredient Promotes Blood Coagulation

Surviving substantial blood loss following a catastrophic injury, such as a gunshot wound, has a.

Football Helmet Prevents Concussions
New High Tech Football Helmet May Prevent concussions

Every year, millions of people in the United States get concussed while participating in sports..

AI in Hypertension Treatment
Hypertension Treatment with New Artificial Intelligence

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hypertension is a possible death.

Wireless Pacemaker
Leadless Pacemakers May Soon be Available to All Patients

Every year, almost one million people acquire a pacemaker. Until date, leadless versions were only.

Radiation Technique for Cancer Cells
New Radiation Technique From Mitchell Cancer Institute

A new radiation technique, The Elekta Versa HD, a medical linear accelerator that focuses radiation.

Menopause Vasomotor Symptoms
FDA ApprovedĀ Astellas’ VEOZAH for Menopause Vasomotor Symptoms

On May 12, Astellas Pharma Inc announced that the FDA had approved VEOZAHTM (fezolinetant) 45.

Parkinson's disease
Parkinson’s Disease Early Diagnosis With AI Tool

A method created by researchers from UNSW Sydney and Boston University shows early promise for.

New Diagnostic Test for Glioblastoma
Diagnostic Test For Better Glioblastoma Patient Outcomes

According to new data from a multi-institutional phase 3 clinical trial published on May 2.

Parasitic Infection suppressed with immune mechanism
Immune Mechanism That Suppresses Parasitic Infection

Penn State immunology researchers discovered that type I interferon, a protein vital for the body’s.

Goldenhar syndrome causing genes identified
Genes Causing Goldenhar Syndrome Identified

Goldenhar syndrome is a rare congenital illness that affects embryonic development in its early stages..